Right to breathe

Health begins with clean, pure air.

but something is silently attacking
your right to breathe.

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air pollution

has become one of
India’s biggest threats,
claiming over

2.1 million

lives every year.

Emissions from factories, vehicles,
cigarettes, burning wood,
constructions etc. fill
the air with harmful

particulate matter (PM)

and poisonous gasses.

particulate matter (PM)

refers to solid and liquid SPECKS of
biological matter and poisonous chemicals
in the air.

PM can be classified into two ways

PM 10: Pollutants that are <10 microns in size

• Dust • Mold • Pollen

PM 2.5: Pollutants that are <2.5 microns in size

• Toxic organic compounds • Heavy metals

PM 2.5 is the smallest and deadliest constituent
of polluted air.

It is about 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Because of its size, PM 2.5 penetrates deep into the
lungs, causing serious medical conditions.


Deaths caused by
PM 2.5 in India in 2013


This killer is now living inside your home.
Eliminate  it to protect your family.


with Nanoe-G Technology
that fights PM 2.5

Nanoe-G Technology releases fine particles that
deactivate PM 2.5, viruses, bacteria and mold in 3 ways
to purify your living environment:

Removes 99%

airborne particles

Deactivates 99%

particles settled on surfaces

Deactivates 99%

bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter

Give your family the precious gift of

clean and healthy air

that is free from harmful elements
like PM 2.5